Have you watched this video? I just did. It’s a typical Friday night – trolling the New York Times wedding section with a glass of wine.  Good times.

I cried when I saw this video, and smiled, and felt warm all over. Then I realized the warmth was from the growing anger in my soul. A flash mob proposal? Really? The Cartier ring isn’t enough? Flying her family in isn’t enough? A flash mob and full instrumental band? Come on!

Full disclosure: my proposal was slightly different. Full of rain, fighting and an army backpack. And I loved every minute of the train wreck that it truly was.

This? This is magical. This is over the top and completely romantic. This is…not what the rest of their marriage will be like.

Maybe I’m wrong. But what’s next? Will Santa officiate the wedding? Will their first child walk on water? How can the poor guy possibly keep this going. And what about all the other poor guys out there? Is this what they need to do?

I know I sound bitter and jealous – and I am – but this is impossible to live up to.

Good luck to those crazy kids. I look forward to their YouTube wedding on Mars.