I feel like I’m 16 again. Or 17. Maybe 19.

I have to read this book before 7pm tomorrow night. No, it’s not for a class I’m taking. There’s no exam or final that I need to prep for. Just a fun book club meeting. A meeting in a wine and paint shop.

So really, this book will be like, the 3rd thing we pay attention to. In my mind it’ll be Wine, Paint, Book. Or maybe Paint, Wine, Book. It totally won’t be Book, Paint, Wine – I know that much for sure! But I still want to read it. It’s about a saucy girl’s childhood and it’s full of bad words and bad deeds. Aren’t you jealous of my book club. My book club is better than your book club.

So it’s not really like college. Or like being 16, 17, or 19 – since I didn’t have wine until I turned 30…ahem.

All my free time before and after work will go to this book. As soon as I’m done with this blog. And except the time I’ll spend watching my recorded shoes. And then ofcourse I need to go to bed by 10. But other than that – I’m all over this book.

Sounded good at the time

We had a very Mad Men afternoon yesterday. My sister and her dude joined us for a tour and tasting of a local PA Rye distillery. Aren’t we so folksy and interesting? Dad’s Hat is a local, hand crafted whiskey…err…rye. Rye Whiskey? Something like that. What I know for sure is that it isn’t a bourbon. Or is it a bourbon and not a Whiskey?

At the end of the tour we sampled 3 of their whiskeys. A white, a light brown and a deep dark brown. We heard about the hints of vanilla and pepper we’d feel on the sides of our tongue. We heard about the vermouth barrels that imparted just the right flavor to their product – smell that dry sweetness they said. We all nodded and agreed. Admittedly, it was a bit rough going down. But I got caught up in the moment. They told us the best way to enjoy the whiskey was with one perfect ice cube and maybe a twist of orange rind. I had visions of having this classic cocktail. I felt chic already.

We bought a bottle of the dark vermouth version – stopped at Wawa to get an orange and a bag of ice and headed home. We made ourselves a drink and sat in the sun. I took a sip and smelled the orange and the vermouth and the lovely notes of vanilla and quickly decided – I like wine.

But it was a really fun day. Here’s some shots I took. The man in the hat is Herman, the founder of the place. He wears a hat like his dad. Get it?




Vase Half Empty

Did I mention I like wine?
A few years ago this was a regular sized vase that sat on my kitchen counter.
Then it…evolved.
Now it’s art. Yup. Art.
Not a raging addiction. Nope. It’s not that at all.
This past weekend when we had our friends and family over, someone casually asked if I’d gotten the corks at Home Goods. They sell them you know. Huh.
Did not know that.
I laughed nervously and redirected the conversation.
Another party goer suggested a craft I could do with them.
I laughed nervously and redirected the conversation.
I get a lot of slack for this…collection.
Every Easter there’s an aunt that includes it in her prayers, as in, “please God don’t let it fill up anymore.”
The way I look at it, it’s only half full.
I’m a wine optimist.


Thanks God for the Thanksgria

Before I tell you about the sangria, let me show you my turkey. Where are pictures of your turkey?? Come on, I’ll show you mine and then you show me yours. I know you took a pic.

Here’s the before and after


Here’s a picture of my plate – because everyone always asks what a vegetarian eats on turkey day. Ok one person asked but that’s fine. Here you are.

See, I did good.
And finally, the holiday in a glass – the thing that makes ricing 20 pounds of potatoes and still having your husband say it’s not enough worth it. The gas in my engine, the wind beneath my wings, the fuel to my…you know.

I hope you all slept in or woke up at pre-dawn to buy something at a crowded store. Whatever works for you. Cheers everyone!

Mad Men Minutes….

For those of you that don’t watch – what’s wrong with you?  Please. For the love of all witty sarcastic things, go watch!

I finally caught up with the new episode.  In my next life I’d like to be Don Draper’s cigarette – just kiddin’- not really – i’m dead serious.

Here’s my 2 cents:

  • I cannot take Don and Megan’s apartment – it’s painfully cool and beautiful. I’m distracted by it.  As that gal called it,”the throne on 73rd and Park.”  Even with the deadly smog outside it steals every scene.
  • Betty.  Can we please give January Jones an Emmy for every scene where she eats a bite of food and then swoons.  Nothing says cracked armour like a mouth full of whipped cream straight from the fridge.
  • Sally.  Wicked and smart.  Wicked smart.  I’m ready for the Sally spin-off show now please.
  • Ginsberg oh Ginsberg.  Whether its selling Manischewitz wine or being stepped on by Don – the man has a way with me.  Loved his devastated look in the elevator when Don left him for dead with the,”I don’t think about you at all.”
  • I will now have a folder at work called – Shit I need to do.
  • Don’s back.  He’s been smiling a lot lately – it made me uncomfortable.  I like this Don.  Actually I like any Don.
  • Does anyone else think the gap in Megan’s front tooth is getting bigger?  no? Just trying to make myself feel better.
  • Why do they always play the Roger car commercial during the show – must we be hit in the head with his cool dark glasses from all decades?
  • Another favorite Roger moment,” How Jewish are they? Fiddler on the Roof, audience or cast?”  Nobody’s a cuter racist than that man.
  • Also – can Pete Campbell please stop having unclean thoughts about Rory Gilmore? Where’s Luke when you need him (bonus points for those who know what I’m talking about).