In Lego we trust


My son is finally in Sunday school. By the end of this year he’ll be confirmed…errr….baptized….committed. You know. He’ll have a big party.

He’s loving it.

Here is the “Kingdom of God” per him this afternoon


This pod is “where sins go”. I asked what a sin was and he said,”it’s what sinners do.”


Here’s God himself. Looking very much like a Ninjago game piece.


As we were chatting, someone else was flown into the kingdom of God. I hope The Republic doesn’t mind.


Happy Weekend everyone


I live with Hansel.

Every day, everywhere he goes, he leaves a clue. A crumb. A toy.

He marks his territory all day long. I’ve been here. This space is mine.

Darth Vadar is always our coffee table centerpiece.  Who needs Pottery Barn. On another note – that’s our favorite blanket in the back. We call it – the tiger blanket.  A future post is in the works.

At dinner we move the Nerf football, DS games and random picture of Superman to the side.

Some light(ning) reading in the kitchen?

Pictures of family AND Star Wars on Blue Ray – what could be better

Rubber band gun incase Ms. Tatyana gets out of line. And finally…

A Lego Cherokee miniature to keep you company in the bathroom.

I do make him put his stuff away – but it’s like holding back a dam.

The positive? At any given moment I can tell where he’s been and what he’s been doing.