We had some weather

Hurricane Sandy came and went and thankfully we are intact. Parts of the Jersey Shore and NYC bore the full brunt of the storm – and we woke up thinking about those affected.

Here’s the worst of our damage – every leaf on every tree on the lawn.


Since Friday, when we first started hearing about the reports, I’ve been stressed. Expecting. Waiting. Here’s where I’ve been stationed. Partly working, partly parenting, full-time meteorologist groupie. Wrapped up in a blanket staring at radar. I could run those reports at this point.


Speaking of blankets, during our 24 hour stint in Vermont, I did some shopping. Let me tell you about The Vermont Flannel Company. They are the new love of my life. They make this 8 pound, flannel patchwork blanket that lulled me into a deep, safe sleep when I wasn’t stalking the TV.

Not a paid advertisement, just some facts. To all my East Coasters our there – stay safe!