oh boy

Trouble, trouble, trouble.

That’s what we should have named these three.

Watch out 3rd grade – here they come.

Actual overheard (ok, eavesdropped) conversation between them:

Trouble 1 – “You know what we should do? We should take our bikes to the river and catch fish with our hands.”

Trouble 2 – “What river? Oh you mean the pond?  There’s only dead fish there. Once I did that and brought home a fish and my mom screamed.”

Trouble 3 – “Yeah – let’s make them scream!”

Then they get distracted by building the greatest Lego city that ever was, have a juice pack and call it a day.

Love them.

I’ll take a venti light with a shot of nice view please….

Look at these idyllic photos.  This is the mighty Delaware, with its beautiful lush greenery and birds and bugs living in harmony.  This is why I love our town. It’s old, historic, and has bits of natural beauty all over the place.

You’d think we were miles and miles from civilization. In reality, we are a hop, skip and a jump from…..

A Starbucks!

I know this drives some people crazy. Big bad developments killing small, quaint towns etc. I don’t even particularly like Starbucks coffee – I’m more of a Dunkin Donuts kinda gal.  But I love the fact that it’s there.  I like knowing I can get a ridiculously priced coffee drink with enough caloric intake for my whole day and go see the mighty Delaware and pretend I’m George Washington.  What. Like you don’t pretend.  Whatever.

I just like my amenities.  I love the view, the nature, the majestic beauty of places – but I also love amenities.  I need amenities.

You know what makes nature even more enjoyable?  A cup of overpriced iced coffee and some bug spray you bought at the corner drugstore.