Rain on my parade. Please

I love a good rainy Saturday. Practice or game cancelled? Fantastic. Can’t go to the outdoor BBQ? Sweet. Have to stay home all day? Sign me up.
We can be productive tomorrow. Today is for watching HGTV and doing nothing to the house. It’s for napping so hard that you’re tired when you wake up. Or for giving into your newly found obsession for Instagram. Excuse me while I go look at every picture Rob Lowe ever posted.
Happy Saturday everybody!


Start Spreading the News….

Although I wasn’t leaving, I was coming home.  And I don’t live in New York, New York anymore – so my apologies to Frank Sinatra for all this mess.  I’m confusing, but I’m not completely insane. We drove through the city yesterday to get home (when I say “the city” I mean NYC. Always. Forever. The End. You should follow this rule too. It’s the right thing to do.)

We hit the George Washington Bridge just when the sun was poking through amazingly, thick black and white clouds. It was tropical and thunderstormy and beautiful.  Thunderstormy isn’t a word?  It is on my blog.

I took pictures because I knew you wouldn’t believe me unless I had proof. I left my big camera at home so these are my handy iphone pics.  iheart my iphone camera.   I forgot how fun it is.  I hereby promise to use it more.