My darlings

This quote by Aldous Huxley was posted by a good friend a few weeks ago. Besides the fact that we are legit living Brave New World, I’d forgotten how much I loved his writing.

I sent the quote to my kids immediately. They’re used to it. I’m always sending them videos or quotes or things I need to make sure they see and know. Not sure it ever sinks in but I’m calling it an effort and checking my parenting box for the day. Sometimes that’s all I have the energy for.

“Lightly, lightly”…. it is the best advice.

I think about it at work. At home. On social media.

I’m pretty good about not overthinking. Obsessing. I don’t have too many talents but one has always been that I can walk away from anything or anyone that makes me feel bad. I’m not into it.

Someone said to me that I’m always in a good mood. That’s not true. I’m always trying to be in a good mood. I see no point in being miserable. I also think it’s almost always a choice. Unless there’s abuse involved or if you’re a young child – you can choose to not be miserable. At least try.

I know it’s easier said than done. I know there’s a lot of competition for joy out there. Everyone’s got their own definition of what joy looks like. That’s ok. Because there’s enough for everyone. It’s abundant. Your joy may come from hiking a mountain, mine comes from Bravo. Doesn’t make it any less or more joyful.

Don’t let the quick sands drag you in. Don’t scroll Instagram or Facebook and be angry. You’re using it wrong. Don’t blame the game. Use it for what you want it for. Walk away from the rest.

Same goes for people. There are a lot of people in the world. A lot. Like everyone else, I’ve found some good people and I’ve found some duds. The duds have to go. Doesn’t matter if they’re friends or family. It doesn’t mean that they are evil or bad or that they’ve done me wrong in any way. I just can’t carry their weight. Too heavy. Too hard.

I also know that I’m a dud in someone else’s story. I get it. I’m ok with it.

I’ll keep reading this quote. Maybe you will too❤️

Forever got a lot shorter all of a sudden


My beloved made me a pb&j for lunch today. But I ate it on the train. It had to be done.

Know what I think about every single time I eat a pb&j sandwich?  The scene in St. Elmo’s Fire when Billy comes to see Wendy in her new apartment and asks her how it’s going.  She smiles and says that she woke up in the middle of the night last night and made herself a sandwich and …


There’s something wrong with me right?  Or do you think about that too? 1985 was a good year for cheesy movies you can quote for the rest of your life.  I can rattle off a ton of quotes from that movie, “love is an illusion, but it’s the only illusion that counts.” How about when Jules turns to Billy and says,” you break my heart, but then again, you break everyone’s heart.”  Who needs Wikipedia? Not me.

Don’t even make me start singing Man in Motion, cause I will.


Easy Button

I’m deleting these permanently from my phone. Here’s one last hurrah for these quotes, images, etc. that made me smile. Enjoy! (Yes, this counts as a post. Haters be hating.)










DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! The winner is….


Whoo hoo!!  Go check out her awesome blog too. Congrats!




Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

I love that quote. One of my favorite co-workers, friend, and contributor to WMEP has a mug on her desk with that saying. I spontaneously think of this quote several times a day.  It makes me smile and it keeps me from walking into traffic.

I won’t complain about work – because it’s so cliché and ridiculous. Yes it’s stressful. Yes it’s the opposite of efficient, collaborative and smart. But it’s just work.  Your job sucks too right? Don’t answer that.

(this is more like me thinking out loud than a post. but you knew that)




Say what?

I know some very funny people who crack me up all the time. Here’s some of my favorite quotes.  Not from famous people. Just from my people.

“I was going to go to Vegas on my 40th Birthday, but I got a divorce instead” – said by genius new friend within 10 minutes of meeting each other.  That’s how I knew she was my kind of folk.  I think this is what her memoir should be called!

“Money isn’t life mom.” – said by an 8-year-old boy in Target who wanted to buy a $50 Lego set.  Lego sets….I think they were the real cause of the ’08 financial meltdown.

“How can I fly with eagles when I’m surrounded by turkeys?” – said by an old co-worker who dropped jewels like this all the time. She is missed.

“Middle School is the ultimate rated R movie mom!” – said by a 13-year-old girl trying to convince her mother of letting her watch rated R movies (great quote – answer is still NO).

“I’ll just be here in the corner, chewing on wet cigarettes butts if you need me” – said by the most hysterical person I’ve ever worked with.  She can find a funny sliver lining on any situation – thank god for her.

“Is that a taco?” – said by a friend who was confronted at a party by someone he had been ignoring for months.  When cornered and asked to explain his disappearance he panicked and said the now famous line and walked away. There were no tacos anywhere.  I think I peed my pants that night. This line is now ubiquitous with any situation in my life that warrants getting out of dodge fast!

An Opinion is worth 80 IQ Points – Alan Kay

Alan Kay is a visionary – a genius some would say.  You should google him.  He wasn’t talking about event planning when he wrote the quote – but  it works.  Although, I can relate things that Buddha and Oprah have said back to event planning too, just so you know.

To be a good planner, you have to put yourself out there.  You cannot go-with-the-flow.  You need to figure out what the choices are and then either know which direction is best for the situation – or take a gamble and go with your gut.

There is no such thing as a passive, indifferent planner.  Do you have to be neurotic and Type A? Nope – but it helps.  You know that JLo movie with that greasy Matthew McConnaheyhey?  That was a terrible movie, although if it’s on tv I’m compelled to watch it.  Anyway – the scenes with her running around like a looney with a headset?  Bogus.  Unless you are in a seriously stressful situation (there is no bride for the groom to wed, hurricanes, etc.) – calm yourself down.

Back to the quote….if you think events are the thing for you  – test yourself.  When you are with a group of people deciding what to order for dinner, what movie to see, what president to vote on – do you speak?  Are you compelled to let your thoughts out?  If the answer is no – congrats.  You are a polite, normal citizen of the world.  But if your answer is yes, and you’ve already researched the restaurant, read movie reviews and have no problem defending your choices – welcome to the insanity.