Everybody Loves an Addiction….

And this is mine.  Everybody Loves Raymond … Oh yes, I watch tons of current TV.  All the Housewives of the US – and some of Vancouver.  I watch what I think are smarter shows, like Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Downton Abbey.  Then again I also watch things about tiny beauty contestants, people buying flats in Barcelona and literally anything on The Food Network.  But this silly, corny, staged show makes me very happy.  I literally feel like I’m in my pajamas, tucked into bed when I watch it – even if I’m not.  My husband calls it my comfort blanket.  He’s right. Plus, it’s on all the time – everywhere!  I’m trying to wean off of it.  I try and rotate in 30 Rock and The Big Bang Theory, but it’s a process.

Don’t judge me, ok, judge me.