Waiting Game


Question – how much of my life is spent waiting to pick up a teenager from a movie?

Answer : more hours than I spend actually watching movies.

Signed, moms everywhere

Eat in Chicken


This is the Susquehanna River, in my hometown, Harrisburg, PA. We took a quick trip over the weekend to visit family and do a joint birthday celebration for my sister and me. Me and my sister. My sister and I. Pick one.

Fun, useless fact: Did you know that Girl, Interrupted was filmed here? This is the Market Bridge, featured many times in the flick.  The movie starred Angelina Jolie  – in her Oscar-winning performance – and Wynona Ryder before her shoplifting days.  And that poor gal Britney Murphy, before her dead days.  The title of the post is an homage to one of her lines in the movie (she’s one of the patients in a mental hospital and is obsessed with owning a home with an “eat in chicken…um..kitchen” She’s also obsessed with eating whole chickens. It was a great movie. This was not a major plot line but I think of this line whenever I see a whole, roasted chicken. Freakish but true).

We came home to the below monsoon.


Falling in Love and Snow

It snowed last night. Nothing major, just a few inches, but enough to cover my pumpkins in the front yard. It made me happy. And then, magically, something made me even happier.  Let me set the scene.

Almost every night, at about 9pm, my day ends. All mouths are fed and relatively happy, kitchen is closed, work emails have slowed down or mercifully died –  and I am tucked in for some series tuning-out-the-world time (my husband’s a lucky man right?).

One of the most used tools in my home isn’t the oven, it’s the DVR.  But last night, I didn’t need it. No reality shows for me. Nope. It was me, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep – and Metro North.

Have you seen Falling in Love? Yes? Ok so you get it. No? Please, go rent it, or itune it, or Red Box it. It’s so good and heartbreaking and wonderful. It’s about two married people who slowly, gently become friends and fall in love on a morning commute.  Not exactly your Ryan Gosling/Tatum Channing romantic comedy – but you’ll love it.

Because my husband loves me, because he knows me – he got the computer, put on his earphones and left me alone for an hour and a half.  To all you young lovers out there – this is equivalent to flowers and jewelry for a couple that’s been together for more than 2 decades. Trust me.  It’s the height of romance.

Go watch the movie – preferably with a quiet, ignored house.

Argo go f’yourself

When I first met my man, 1,000 years ago, we went to the movies every Friday night. Rain or shine. Good movie or bad. We have always loved the movies. Then all kinds of stuff happened. The kind of stuff that happens to everyone. Work. Babies. The urge to sleep when you have an extra 2 hours.

Now that our kids are giants, we are slowly getting back to those days of popcorn glory – kinda.

Long intro to start a movie review eh?

Last night, yes a Sunday night, we went to the movies! And because it was a school night, we grabbed a friend to ease the guilt.


I give it 2 thumbs up! Are those dudes still around?

Smart, funny, and nerve-racking. Will they make it/won’t they make it.

The CIA runs a covert operation pretending to be a movie production company to rescue 6 trapped diplomats in 1979.

Ben Affleck. Brian Cranston. Alan Arkin. How can you go wrong? Ben had me at The Town, and ofcourse Cranston can do no wrong for me post Breaking Bad – and Arkin.  He was one of my favorite things about The Slums of Beverly Hills and Little Miss Sunshine.

I won’t go into all the details that make the movie so clever and entertaining – you can google that.  But I loved it and I think you all should see it. The end.

(the title of the post refers to a funny line Arkin says when someone presses him to explain the title of the movie. Old men saying swear words. Hysterical)