Serenity Now

Serenity Now!

Last summer we spent a day at this lake, sitting, eating, playing all sorts of catch, reading gossip magazines, taking random photos, trying to guess what that building in the distance was, spraying on buckets of sunscreen and bug spray. It was 90 something degrees and humid.  At one point my husband took the kids for a walk around the lake and I didn’t go.  I kept our cooler company and stayed put.  I remember thinking about nothing, staring at the clouds and zoning out.  I’d like to zone out for a living.  I could be the VP of zoning out.  I could project manage the shit out of zoning out. Hi. I’m the head of the zoning out group. How can I do absolutely nothing for you? sigh.



I’m here for the fresh air….

My son loves playing baseball, football, basketball – we don’t know where he came from.  Maybe there was a dormant athletic gene or something.

Every Saturday morning, you’ll find us at his baseball game (all except my 13-year-old girl, who is just waking from her REM cycle at 11am).  It’s so much fun.  We bring snacks and coffee and we kvetch with the other parents (You don’t know kvetching?  Google it. You’ve done it. I live for it).  Thank goodness there are moms and dads out there who volunteer their time and skills to help our little men – either on the field or on the sidelines.

If it was left to me – the only thing my son would learn is that Derek Jeter of the Yankees wears the #2 jersey like him…I know that because he went out with Minka Kelly and they always showed him in his uniform in People Magazine.  Are they still together?  They were so off and on – and she’s so young….I digress.

I don’t know an inning from an outing – but I love going.  Good game, bad game, he doesn’t care.  He just wants to be in the game.

Some photo disclosures:  Those pants are bleached clean after every game.  2 seconds after we drive up to the field, he looks like a wildling.  Our coach is the state rep.  He sponsored the t-shirts so our boys are a walking/talking billboard for several months.  Could have been worse.  The local funeral home sponsors a team too.