Vase Half Empty

Did I mention I like wine?
A few years ago this was a regular sized vase that sat on my kitchen counter.
Then it…evolved.
Now it’s art. Yup. Art.
Not a raging addiction. Nope. It’s not that at all.
This past weekend when we had our friends and family over, someone casually asked if I’d gotten the corks at Home Goods. They sell them you know. Huh.
Did not know that.
I laughed nervously and redirected the conversation.
Another party goer suggested a craft I could do with them.
I laughed nervously and redirected the conversation.
I get a lot of slack for this…collection.
Every Easter there’s an aunt that includes it in her prayers, as in, “please God don’t let it fill up anymore.”
The way I look at it, it’s only half full.
I’m a wine optimist.


The bird woman of bucks county

Last year I started noticing a small, chirping little trend in the things I was buying.

All of a sudden – I liked birds.  All kinds of birds.

At first it was roosters on a sugar canister – very cute.  Then I got a rooster light switch plate, hmmm….nice.

Then came a  rooster decorative plaque on the wall – uh oh.

Then I noticed my ikea mirrors that I decoupaged with toile paper napkins – with roosters.

I pretended it was a French/country inspired thing.  I’m not a cooky old bird woman.  Roosters are a cool, urban-meets-country-meets Provence thing.  It’s not like I’m into pigeons or something.

But roosters were my gateway bird.

I moved on to all kinds of birds.  I found these ceramic birds at a craft fair or Pier One, I forget.

For Christmas, a good friend who’d noticed my sudden bird love gave us this beautiful peacock plate.

A few weeks ago, I thought my downstairs bathroom needed some jazzing up.

With birds.

What’s the big deal? At least I don’t have any bird sweaters or jewelry or something…urr..wait. Never mind.

Here’s my decent into madness.  Send help.


I won’t even mention that “The Big Year” is my new favorite movie.  Take a wild geese, I mean, guess what it’s about.