The Prince Has Left The Building

My son left yesterday to spend the week with my mom.
The boy who never likes to leave home, skipped out the door.
The boy we have to beg, BEG to go out to dinner with us, packed a bag for himself and ran to their car. This may have a little something to do with how His Highness is treated while at my mom and dad’s.
Spoon fed your favorite things, check!
Told a 1,000 times a day how awesome you are, check!
I’d run there too if I got that.
They did/do the same thing with my daughter, although she is more low key about it. She doesn’t revel in it like our son seems too.
Both my husband and I spent the majority of our childhood summers with our grandparents, so we get it. Grandparent love is the best.
The only thing that’s a pain is the assimilation back into reality when he comes home.
“I don’t care if you’re a growing boy, I’m not making you a fruit salad at 10pm”
“Having take-out every night does not mean I don’t love you”
“Wine is not evil”

I won’t worry about that now.
Here he is with his biggest fans.


While the cat’s away…

My sister and my parents watched my babies while we went on our European adventure.

We knew to expect the usual. We expected my daughter to go phone crazy. We knew our boy would ignore all bedtimes. There would be no “chores” – I put that in quotes because they hardly exist when we’re around.

We knew they’d get away with a certain amount of stuff, and you know what, that was fine.

We should have known better.

Our girl is not the real issue. Yes there’s ridiculous amounts of social media consumption – but whatever. The boy. He needs to be watched. All the time. 24/7.

A few years ago we left them with my parents for a weekend.  When we came back my mother told me about what a great host my son was. As soon as we left, he took them (my very traditional, old-fashioned Indian parents), on a tour of all the alcohol at our house. “Here’s the beer, here’s the wine…” etc.

There was another time when a good friend of mine called the house and he answered and told her that my husband and I were in the other room having an argument. Awesome.

So we should have known better.

Quick back ground: a couple of years ago my car was stolen. It was traumatic, scary, etc. but we got over it.  We decided not to tell my already paranoid mother and instead told her that I got a new car. End of story.

Guess what bedtime tale he told her, in gory detail, while we were away?


I asked him why he felt the need to talk about that and he said,”I was bored.”


I would be angry if he wasn’t so darn cute.


Nana Nana Boom Boom

This is my husband’s beloved Nana.  She passed a few years back but he talks about her all the time.  She was one of the first family members that I met (besides his sister, who was there from the beginning- holla!).

There are a lot of  Nana stories that my husband and I share with our kids. Her Easter dinner. The many many summers he and his sister spent with Nana in New Jersey.  The Ukrainian heritage she shared proudly and loudly with anyone who came in contact with her.

I loved Nana too.  She reminded me of my grandparents.  Stoic and strong, completely living for her family.

I was a little bit of a mystery to her.

I didn’t eat meat (not even Ham!), I was….you know….brown.  Plus my boy had never brought a gal pal home to her before.    But she made me feel so welcome and loved – from the minute I met her.

My favorite Nana story:  She loved having us over for the night. She’d cook up a storm – I’d eat some rye bread.  It was fantastic.  Then we’d watch a little basic cable and get ready for bed.  Because Nana, like her apartment, was old school, I slept with her in her bed.  Her grandson slept on the coach in the living room. To make me feel comfortable, and completely at home – she would always say the same thing,” if you need to make boom, you make boom.”  At first I was embarrassed.  I’m not good with “boom” stuff.  I’ve never liked “boom” humor, or “boom” references.  But then I realized it was just Nana.  She just wanted me to enjoy my time there, making “boom” or not.

Side note:  Sorry about the blurry pic, but please note my jazzy dragon earrings and roll neck sweater.  You can’t see it clearly, but I was also wearing a Cancer crab ring.  I was like a J.Crew-biker chick combo.