Wide Open Spaces

Upstate NY

We went to visit some friends who are like family and started the trip at this beautiful 5 acre property. The home is stunning – beautiful inside and out like the owners. But the back yard…with a full garden and apple orchard is what I love! If it wouldn’t have been the height of rudeness I would have sat on a wooden bench they have, in the shade, the whole time. Don’t you love guests who care more about your vegetation than you? Tell me you can’t smell the green fresh air in these pictures? Btw – those raspberries were delicious. One fell on the ground as I was looking at it. Just popped right off the plant. It was spooky. Weirdo raspberries. It’s a thing.


It’s like a slap in Thanksgiving’s face


It’s sad when you pine for a blow-up turkey on the lawn. This is a house in a nearby ‘hood.
Can we take it one holiday at a time people? Can we? Please? Put up a light of two, but don’t break out snowmen.

I’m riding my pumpkins out until the very last day of November. Whether my pumpkins like it or not.



I’ve sent a few care packages this week – sniff sniff…

But the other day, I got a care package of my own.  One of my BFFs sent me a box full of treats and I think you all need to know about it.  I wish blogs were scratch and sniff so you could experience these little babies for yourself.  They are amazing.

Candles from Fifth&Madison. I first found them at the Bryant Park Holiday fair in NYC.  We walked by the little tent selling them and literally stopped in our tracks – it smelled like heaven.  Heaven made of juniper, jasmine and grapefruit.


Yankee Candle eat your heart out. Actually I’m not a fan of Yankee Candle – does that make me less patriotic?  Would it help if I said I also dislike 98.5% of the scented candles out there.  Most are too strong. Too fake. Too smelly.

These make me feel fancy, like I’m in glamorous hotel lobby when I light them.  A glamorous hotel lobby littered with shoes, Wii remotes and to-go coffee cups. Whatever.

Just go out and buy them. Do it. You’ll be happy. You’ll be fancy.


I wish I was a farmer

Last weekend a dear friend gave me a beautiful hibiscus plant.  She did all the prep work for me, fertilizer and all.  My only job is to water it regularly.  She even put it in the perfect spot.  So why am I nervous?  Because I have a secret.  I kill all plants.  Everything.  Yes, even basil (the weed of herbs).  I haven’t been able keep anything alive in years (kids are harder to kill). My intentions are always good, but many a Mother’s Day flower-pot has met a sad ending.  It’s the whole sowing part  I have to get down. I can’t just be reaping.

The only chance this plant has to survive is to humiliate me into taking care of it properly.

So, I hereby promise to water, nurture, love this plant.  I will not ignore it.  I will not let it dry out and wither like my topsy turvy tomato pot, or my mini-herb garden that became an outdoor liter box for the neighborhood cats, or my beautiful overpriced hand painted strawberry pot – which only bore me shame and disappointment.

Here is my new baby – I’ll post updates regularly (and honestly).  I hope someone feeds and loves my kids, I can’t do everything.