What a difference a day makes

Here’s where I spent about 8 hours yesterday…

Here’s where I spent 8 hours today…

Then there's this guy.


He’s from Mars.

Twice as Nice…

Guest post today.  This time from my friend RD.  Another person who should have her own blog – stat!! 

Ok, I admit it.  I’m a Gemini.  Not just a Gemini–a full-blown, hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool Gemini.  So is my host, WME, by the way, I’m totally outing her.

For those of you not lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on your POV) to have a Gemini in your life, let me take you to school.

Textbook Geminis are:

Adaptable and versatile

Communicative and witty

Intellectual and eloquent

Youthful and lively

They are also said to be:

Nervous and tense

Superficial and inconsistent

Cunning and inquisitive (read: nosy)

How dare you, Ancient Astrologers!  I cannot be pigeon-holed!

Except apparently I can–because I own just about every adjective on this list.  Some more than others, of course, but the Twin traits are definitely in full effect.

I have a friend/former boss, who has a sister who is a Gemini and she used to intro her by saying, “This is my sister, Carol.  And my OTHER sister, Carol.”

In case you didn’t get the joke, the implication is that Gems are also changeable, and like their Astrological symbol (Twins), two people.  Twins are great–if you actually are TWO people, instead of one.  That can get a little hairy.

Admittedly, I am known to change my mind like some people change their socks, and can go from happy as a clam, to a raging bull in 5 seconds flat, if circumstances warrant.

Some other evidence of my Gemini-ness:

I love the beach, but I hate walking on sand.

I will do shots of whiskey or tequila in a dive bar as happily as I will sit down for a full English Tea at The Plaza. (More Devonshire Cream, please).

I am a fervent animal lover, and donor-member of several animal-related charities, however, I love a good cheeseburger or a steak, almost as much as I love protecting animals. Why do cows have to be cute AND delicious?

I have a corporate/conservative job, but I have two rather sizable tattoos, and would have MANY more if my oh-so-square BF wouldn’t kill me.  (Just kidding, Honey. But not really).

I have the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy on my Nook (Don’t judge me! I know you’ve read it too).  I also have the entire Anne of Green Gables series and Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. I call it being multi-faceted.

You get the point.  So while being a with a Gemini can give other mere mortals whiplash, I say we are the coolest sign in the Zodiac.  After all, we can have our cake, and eat it too.

Random, yes. Thoughts, barely.

  • I’m obsessed with Ginsberg on Mad Men.  He is hysterically weird and looney.  I’d like an all-Ginsberg episode please.  Or a Ginsberg spin-off show with his dad. Am I the only one? I also spend a lot of time thinking about the imp from Game of Thrones, Stringer Bell from The Wire and Maggie Smith’s character from Downton Abbey.  I have problems.
  • Pinterest…Tumblr….we just can’t get enough of ourselves right?? Is there anything we don’t need to share with the world immediately, she asks while writing a bulleted list of things she wants the world to know immediately. (Be sure to check me out on Pinterest & Tumblr).
  • Shellac is a kind of instant dry nail polish. Perfect manicures people. I know it’s not world peace but it’s a start.  
  • St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub.  It’s cheap, harsh and potent – all my favorite things in alcohol and skin care.  
  • I had a conversation with our neighbor after she walked her dog.  She had a question about a painter we used, she’s remodeling her bathroom.  In truth – I have no idea what I said because I was so focused on the Target bag she was holding with poop in it.  This is why we are a mystery to the rest of the world, because we stand in our front lawns with bags of poop talking about remodeling our bathrooms.