Like a fish

I taped the above after he’d already done it 100 times. I had said, “that was awesome.” a 100 times. Is that how I sound in real life? I thought I had more of a sexy, smoky voice. No?

We are blessed with a very cool community pool.  Lots of fun slides and high dives to hurt yourself on.  But no one does get hurt. Because the pool is literally overflowing with lifeguards. You have to work hard to have fun there without a whistle going off and a high schooler yelling at you.

My girl is pretty much over going there and hanging out – unless she can bring a gaggle of girls with her. But my boy, he loves it. And since she’s away and I ignored him all morning with work calls – we ran to the pool this afternoon.

He loves it there. He told me today that “the pool is my home mom”.  He’s in Phelps/Olympics mode (minus the bong).

He’s got the bug. Just like all helicopter parents in the world, we usually try to capitalize on these fleeting fancies. Who knows – this may be his thing. His passion.  Or not. And in reality, I’m no helicopter parent. Shocked? Didn’t think so – although I try.

Here he is pretending to be a diver – except landing on his back, with a thump. It’s the anti-olympics – the person who makes the biggest splash wins! He’s golden. (sorry about the grainy shot).