Uniform explained

I wear the same outfit every day.  I love it.  Black top, denim skirt (or jeans).  When I’m at work, I jazz it up a little – but not much.  Sometimes on a hot summer day I break out the grey.  That’s about it.  I feel no need to change – ever.  This picture explains why.

For most of my childhood I was Rainbow Bright.  That dress I’m wearing – bright pink with a turquoise sash?  It was reversible – no joke – flip side was turquoise with a pink sash.

Now please – go off and wear your yellows and greens.  More power to you.  But with any luck, I’ll be 90 and still wearing my uniform.

Side note….

Just look at my mom.  She looks so hip and beautiful.  This picture was taken when we lived in Queens (all Indians must live in Queens at some point, it’s a rule). The baby on her lap is my cousin – who is literally 8 feet tall now – really.