Is your underwear drawer full of joy?

Thank you Patty for letting me know about Tidying up, my new Netflix binge. I know I’m late to the party. Marie Kondo and her tidy revolution have been around for a couple of years. I’d never heard of her or her books or her YouTube videos. Where have I been?? I know… living in filth and wearing clothes that basically drain my soul! Here’s her books which I’ll never read now that she has a show on Netflix and videos on YouTube…

I’m hooked! I’m folding shit into neat little rectangles that stand up as we speak. You’ll know what I’m talking about after you watch her or read her… yeah right, just watch her. At first I was weary. I’ve seen enough Hoarders to know the basics. But never has a clean-up show started with a tiny, tidy Japanese lady greeting the house, kneeling on the floor, with eyes closed in meditation. Never has a hoarder been asked,” does that pile of newspapers bring you joy?”. The idea that you need to feel joy from every item in your home is crazy. And nuts. And wonderful.

In her theory, if an object no longer brings you joy – you say thank you and goodby to it. Easy. And so hard.

There’s something so mesmerizing about her folding things. Go on YouTube and spend some time watching her fold shirts, pants, and underwear. I did. For hours.

She goes by KonMari. And whatever KonMari is telling me to do – by Buddha I’ll do it!

I started this weekend. Here’s a peek into what one of my drawers looked like before… don’t judge! KonMari would not approve of judgement…. this is a sock, underwear, Spanx drawer.

I kept the dryer sheet in for the pic to keep it real. Incase you needed more realness.

So I dumped everything out. And with each piece I said to myself,”does this bring you joy?”. And to be honest – the majority didn’t. I had underwear older than my kids. That was easy. But I had moments of doubt too. Do my Spanx really bring me joy? Hell-to-the-no. But being able to eat a bagel does, and so in the end… yes there is some indirect joy in those straight jackets. I bet KonMari never had this issue, why would she, she’s wallet sized.

Anyway here’s my JOYFUL new drawer…

Not a bad start! I see the bottom of my drawer… you know what that means? Time to shop! Kidding. Maybe.

I wore my pants inside out. Merry Christmas!

When I got home from going to the grocery store, the dry cleaners, the gas station (where I ran into a neighbor and had a convo), and the bank – I walked into the kitchen and both my kids said,” Mom, your pants are inside out.”
Come on 2015!

Ode to Sunday

Keeping it real.

This is a clean laundry.

I am triumphant!

Sadly, these clothes will sit here for a few more days. Maybe more.

Soon we’ll start using this pile like a makeshift closet.

I’ll feel guilty for about 2 seconds a day.

Then, around Wednesday, I’ll make the kids put the clothes away.

That’s why I had them.

Uniform explained

I wear the same outfit every day.  I love it.  Black top, denim skirt (or jeans).  When I’m at work, I jazz it up a little – but not much.  Sometimes on a hot summer day I break out the grey.  That’s about it.  I feel no need to change – ever.  This picture explains why.

For most of my childhood I was Rainbow Bright.  That dress I’m wearing – bright pink with a turquoise sash?  It was reversible – no joke – flip side was turquoise with a pink sash.

Now please – go off and wear your yellows and greens.  More power to you.  But with any luck, I’ll be 90 and still wearing my uniform.

Side note….

Just look at my mom.  She looks so hip and beautiful.  This picture was taken when we lived in Queens (all Indians must live in Queens at some point, it’s a rule). The baby on her lap is my cousin – who is literally 8 feet tall now – really.