This cab smells like bad breath

I stayed in midtown Manhattan last night for work. Walking distance from Penn Station. This morning, instead of walking a block over to take the speedy subway back down to work – I decided to take a cab (Joe, I hear you calling me lazy). 

I decided that if there wasn’t a taxi around right away – I’d move on to the train. But boom. I walked out and he was there. Waiting for me. See, the universe wanted me to take it. 

Now I’m in the cab and it smells like I’m inside of someone’s rotting mouth. As soon as I got in – I wanted to get out. 

I have my head stuck out of the window like a dog but I’m pretty sure the stench is all over me. I’ll be wearing Eau de Halitosis for the rest of the day.

Just sharing.

Have a great day everyone.

Tess McGill Moment

Day one of my new gig. Here’s the view from my office.



I almost broke out into my favorite Carly Simon song, the one from “Working Girl”. The one I think about every time I see the Staten Island Ferry cause I’m a dork. Anyway all went well and I didn’t get fired. The commute wasn’t that bad and my family did just fine back home. 

On the other hand, I’m exhausted. So I’ll keep this short and sweet. Gotta get up tomorrow and do it again!

Wowie Wedding

This was a weekend full of very important things. My little sister’s birthday (even though I forgot how old she was turning, damn you math!). It was also Father’s Day weekend, and I happen to know and love some of the best fathers around.

And then there was this.

Saturday afternoon, in a magical garden tucked into a park, right smack in the middle of a big city – we went to one of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever had the pleasure of being invited to. It was full of emotion, love, and humor. We only knew a handful of people at the wedding – and yet, each and every one of us there was so connected to the couple – that we felt connected. The ceremony was full of tears and joy and Madonna (the lyrics to Express Yourself were read aloud). There was even a happy heckler (the groom’s father) – in other words, perfection. The happy couple were two guys who never thought they’d be able to celebrate love in this way – legally and recognized.

The past few weeks in the East Coast have felt like the Tropics. Wet, dark, damp, humid, and hot. But not yesterday. Yesterday was divine. Literally blessed. If you listen carefully when you look at the pictures, you can hear birds chirping and the angels singing. True.





And here’s the handsome couple. The Brooms (coined by them not me!).


What did you expect? Pink boas? Well, maybe later.

After the vows we all walked to the reception and spent the rest of the afternoon drink…errr…I mean….celebrating. Lots of food. Lots of laughs.

Weddings are always beautiful. They are always touching and emotional. But, let’s face it, they aren’t always fun. You don’t leave a wedding thinking that’s the best time you’ve had in a while. You usually want to wish the couple well and get out of dodge fast. Not this wedding – this was a blast. When can we do it again!?!

Here’s some more spectacular views from that afternoon/evening/night. These photos should be titled,”God loves the gays. Here’s proof. Get over it.”




And here’s me with one of the Brooms…the one that busts my chops constantly, the one that never misses a chance to make fun of me, the one that took me on my most favorite date night of all time, the one that knows enough secrets about me to break up my marriage and get me fired all in one fell swoop….Ok – that’s it. I have to spend more time with the other one.


Congrats to Howie (uncle wowie to some) and Luigi!


It’s been that kind of day. Took a day off from work to drive my daughter into the city – she’s spending a week with her aunt on the beach – lucky ducky.  We were supposed to get there nice and early, have a breakfast with her grandparents that live in the city (please note, as stated before, the phrase “the city” always means NYC. Everything else is…not “the city”), get her on her way, take my son to a/the museum, have quality bonding time, etc.


Took a day off from work but ended up working just enough to piss off the people I work with AND my family.

Hit traffic. Missed breakfast – had to grab her something from Starbucks and she was only able to see her grandparents for a whole 5 seconds.

On the way to the museum my son said,”I really just want to go home.” Awesome.

On the car ride home he asked for fritters, like the kind my mother makes. What? This is a boy who only asks for one food – spaghetti with butter. That’s it. Once I made it with olive oil and he revolted. I was so happy.  This would turn my day around. Fritters? Coming right up! Yes, it’s true, I’ve never fried anything at home before. But so what! I can do it! I will try!


Here’s the batter – I put stuff I think I kind of remember my mother putting in there – sort of. I don’t have the heart to do a recipe list. Besides – it was a huge failure, did I mention that?


In the hot oil it looked ok….


and then there was this.


I tried making them smaller, turning down the oil, making a different shape, saying a prayer – I did it all.  All I got was a house that smells like burnt oil and absolutely, positively no fritters.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures of us being late, not having breakfast and everyone being angry with me. Maybe tomorrow.


Good night.