Damn you Instagram! Damn you!

I’m hooked.  I’m addicted.  Every shot is art (in my head).  I’ve convinced myself that I’m a photog genius.

Also thanks to Insta (that’s what the cool kids call it) – I can’t freakin’ delete anything.  I’m forced to keep random shots because they’ve got a cool filter on them and they’re cropped well…..

Behold….the crap I can’t get rid off (actually this is the best of that crap, I’ll spare you the 1,000 shots of my children)

I like to call this one….birds on a tree

This one is titled, I Should Have Had A Salad

Change jar in our kitchen – note courtesy of my 8 yr old (they’ve been learning about community service at school)

Mini rose bush and black and white cookies…what?


You know how you hang up stuff above your stove?  Me too.  Except then I take a picture of it and pretend it’s art.

My sister made these cute little bracelets for my brats.  Then guess what happened?  I took a damn instagram and now I have to keep the picture forever.

I need an intervention.  Maybe there’s an app for that.

The bird woman of bucks county

Last year I started noticing a small, chirping little trend in the things I was buying.

All of a sudden – I liked birds.  All kinds of birds.

At first it was roosters on a sugar canister – very cute.  Then I got a rooster light switch plate, hmmm….nice.

Then came a  rooster decorative plaque on the wall – uh oh.

Then I noticed my ikea mirrors that I decoupaged with toile paper napkins – with roosters.

I pretended it was a French/country inspired thing.  I’m not a cooky old bird woman.  Roosters are a cool, urban-meets-country-meets Provence thing.  It’s not like I’m into pigeons or something.

But roosters were my gateway bird.

I moved on to all kinds of birds.  I found these ceramic birds at a craft fair or Pier One, I forget.

For Christmas, a good friend who’d noticed my sudden bird love gave us this beautiful peacock plate.

A few weeks ago, I thought my downstairs bathroom needed some jazzing up.

With birds.

What’s the big deal? At least I don’t have any bird sweaters or jewelry or something…urr..wait. Never mind.

Here’s my decent into madness.  Send help.


I won’t even mention that “The Big Year” is my new favorite movie.  Take a wild geese, I mean, guess what it’s about.