Liebster is German for beloved, favorite or darling.  It’s also a blog award – who knew you could get awards for public rambling?  Well you can. And I did.

A big thank you very much to squirrelcircus.wordpress.com for thinking of me.  You shouldn’t have, but I’m so excited you did. Could it have been pity for my pathetic day yesterday? Maybe.  Maybe Liebster really means you-poor-sad-fool-you-need-this-badly.  I’ll take that too.  All of you should check her blog out – it’s funny, smart and sassy.

Per the “rules” I have to answer the following questions.  I love an award that forces me to be even more self focused and self obsessed.

Favorite quote, and why? 

“Demented and sad, but social” — The Breakfast Club

I don’t know why.  I can recite the entire movie with no explanation too.  Every time I meet a really messed up person at work or at life – I always think of this line.

One thing about you that people wouldn’t assume by looking at you?

I have a mini obsession with Jay Z. No. Not with Beyoncé. With J.  Nuff said.

Would you rather forgive something said about you or verbally lash the person who said it?

I think I would say I forgive – and others would say I lash out.  Tomato – potato.

Something about you that makes you really proud

Easy.  The two little Scorpios that rule my world.

A single favorite book you wouldn’t mind reading twice or thrice. Why?

hmmmm. Does a really long Vanity Fair article count?

One person whose death would change you? Why?

One person? There’s a list of people whose death would derail me for all the human reasons that you can imagine.

What’s that which you desire the most from life?

Happiness and safety for the aforementioned Scorpios.

Your favorite word.


Beauty comes from ______ ?

wine colored glasses.

Five things that life is about.

In this order: laughter, family, friends,  cheese, and chocolate.

I’d like to thank the Academy….

This is so nice.  This is so sweet.  So unexpected.  I’ve been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger award (in blog world, a nomination is a win, this is why we love blog world).

Thank you so much to coffeepoweredmom!


So part of the process of the award is to tell my readers (all ten of you) 7 things about myself that you don’t already know.  Here you go…

  1. I love Howard Stern.  My husband got me into his radio show about 10 years ago and I’ve been listening ever since.  Yes, he’s gross sometimes. Yes, sometimes my 8-year-old is more mature than him – but then there are genius interviews and funny skits.  Hysterical.
  2. When I was pregnant with my daughter we lived in NYC.  To get to work everyday I’d have to take a cross town bus and then a subway downtown.  Every day I’d come home and my husband would ask me the same question,”did someone give you a seat on the bus and the train?”.  Same question, everyday, until I stopped working.  Loved it.
  3. I don’t like mushrooms (yep, a vegetarian that doesn’t like mushrooms – discuss amongst yourselves.
  4. I interned at “Live With Regis and Kathie Lee” for a year in college.  It was the year I developed a thick skin and learned how to take criticism without jumping out a window.  BTW – Kathie Lee was charming and sweet.  Regis was the antichrist.
  5. I love Madonna.  I loved her when she was a lucky star, and when she put cones on her boobs, when she became British, and even now, when she’s a 50-year-old freakazoid. Love her.
  6. I have way too many photos of my kids around my house.  I’ve tried to take them down but my body revolts.  Can’t do it.
  7. Chocolate makes my soul sing.