I was promised a snow storm

I’m here on the couch moping with the cat. Where is my storm?? I really wanted it. I am so ready for it. I mean I didn’t buy bread or milk or anything, but mentally I’m ready for it. I’m ready to cancel plans. Ready to not leave the house for the next 48 hours. Ready to not shower, stay in my pjs, and take intermittent naps all day long. I had planned on making my husband feel guilty for not getting firewood. I was looking forward to that all week. Now I got nothing.

And it’s almost 40 degrees outside. WTF. I think I just saw a peek of sun. So frustrating.

Now I’ll be expected to do things. Empty the dishwasher. Put my contacts in. Get off the couch. This isn’t what America is about! I can’t even depend on weather I was promised.

My daughter drove back to school yesterday so she’d beat the storm up in New York. I bet they’ll get a foot. Or two. Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, you make me sad. I’m not mad at you. Just really disappointed.

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  1. DKCT
    Jan 20, 2019 @ 11:16:44

    You are so funny! Yes a TOTAL Bust!
    But the store was packed and shelves emptied yesterday as if we were going to get snowed in for a week… Everyone has SUVs like they couldn’t go out in it 🙄

    My first thought was Aww Lexi!!
    Then wow, you let her sit near you 😆
    You deserve to spend the day in your PJs doing whatever you want
    snow or no snow ….today is nasty
    hope your chillin’


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