Delicate Emotional State


This was in October of 2003. I was a stay-at-home mom for a hot second and this little guy had just been born. Flash forward. 


This was in October of 2004. This little guy tumbled out of his crib the night before his 1st birthday and broke his collarbone. Flash forward.


October of 2005. I had started a wedding planning business to keep me from going insane. We were a bit strapped and decided not to have a big party for him. He didn’t seem to mind. Flash forward.


October 2008. We were in a new house, new town, and new pre-school.  Flash Forward.


August 2011. He’s gotten the hang of school, not the readin’ and ‘rithmatic part, just the recess part. Flash forward.


August 2013. First day of school. He can add another question to ask his future therapist. “Doc, why did my mom always make me wear a stripped shirt on the first day of school?” Flash forward.


Today. As you can see, I no longer dress him. You know what I’d make him wear if I did. 

Flash forwad. The next picture will be his wedding picture I guess. Gotta go cry now. Goodbye. 



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  1. Tracesofthesoul
    Aug 27, 2014 @ 21:13:54

    Adorable!! My grandson was born 2004…I was my daughter’s labour coach…I love your photos!! thank you for sharing:) Oliana


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