oh hello.

It’s the end of July. The last time I posted was at the end of June. If my blog was an old time Western town you’d see dust balls rumbling through. If my blog was a lake it’d be all dried up and sad, with vultures circling for dead fish. If my blog… nevermind. You get it.

But there’s life in this old blog yet.

I’m making an August resolution. August is the new January.
I will blog every day for the next month. Every. Day.
Will they all be prolific and profound? Ofcourse not. It’s me, after all. But I will post. I may not be able to sustain a diet or a frizz free hair style for a month – but I will succeed here.

So go to bed tonight knowing that for the next month you’ll have a post a day. Are you happy? Are you crying? Hello?