It’s funny now

It’s September 11th and I’m at an airport, again. I’ve flown on this day many times in the past 12 years. It doesn’t spook me.
It does get me thinking about my first flight after that date in 2001.
My world, like everyone’s world had stopped for weeks. It was not business as usual both personally and professionally.
Events were cancelled or postponed – and everyone was in a collective fog.
Slowly – the wheels started turning again and we began to plan events at work.
Early October I boarded a flight out of JFK to Rochester, NY. I was flying in for a quick site inspection and out that same day.
I decided to fly Jet Blue. They were a new airline back then and one of the only that had free Direct TV at every seat. Sold!
The flight was completely normal. Then it was time to land.
As we approached the runway, all of us felt the plane speed up. It bumped the runway and hopped back in the air.
Everyone looked around nervously and waited for an announcement. Nothing.
We were back in the air.
Again we approached the runway, bumped harder and back up we went.
I was at the window seat. The older woman sitting next me grabbed my hand, she was crying. We could hear people praying and crying. Some folks shouted to the crew.
Still no announcement.
The plane circled again and began its decent.
This time we landed.
The pilot came on and happily said,”sorry folks! Third times the charm.”
The yelling didn’t start until we exited.
Jet Blue sent us all an apology and a coupon.
I’m flying Southwest today.


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  1. B.
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 16:16:01

    I’m in Seattle, and I was young (13) when 9/11 happened. Being young and not having any friends or family on the east coast, I was pretty distanced from the events but as an adult, I get chills/choked up when I hear audio or see footage.

    The first flight I took after that was to Denver with my family. As a teenager, I was in my own world and unaffected by what had happened so flying wasn’t a big deal; flying through Rocky Mountain turbulence was more fun than scary to me. My sister however, cried almost the entire trip in fear.

    If she had been on that Jet Blue flight, mistake and apology or not, she probably wouldn’t have stepped foot on a plane again!


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