Product Ho


Unlike my marriage and in my friendships. I’m bored with my beauty products quickly. I’m fickle. Unfaithful. I need change. I need excitement. I need to blow some money at Sephora – it makes me feel alive.

  • I’m always on the hunt for a good, peel-the-gook-out-your-face mask. And clay is all the rage right now. After reading all 2,113 reviews on Amazon, I decided it was the one for me. And I was right. It’s dries to a crisp and makes me feel squeaky clean. Try it. Or don’t.
  • Clinique has always made the best moisturizers – although they are boring as hell. This one is no different. It goes on like butta, soaks in quickly and disappears. After a summer full of coconut and lime and almond smelling products, it’s nice to put something on that smells like nothing.
  • One more from Clinique. This one is an oldie. But I’ve been too busy wearing a dark, chocolate stain and didn’t know everyone was addicted to this. This is an almost gloss/almost lipstick combo in their most “wearable” shade – Black Honey. When you see it in the tube, you’ll be horrified. It’s as dark and deep as a raisin, but it goes on sheer and light.  Some gloss is a little too…..glossy. Ya know? Not this. This is a little bit of sheen and color that doesn’t make me feel like Krystal Carrington (anyone? anyone?).
  • Now this last bottle is a little controversial. Many of my gal pals have voiced their confusion and anger about applying a straight on oil to their skin. This particular one by Josie Maran is oil for your face, hair and skin. An all over oil.  I bought the light version because the regular was out of stock and I needed it asap. Like an addict. It was worth it. Is it great for your nice, cotton pillow cases? Not so much. But you’ll be glowing in the morning.

So these are my new boyfriends. My new mistresses. My new loves. They’ll be doing the walk of shame come October but I love them today.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Splishsplasch
    Aug 25, 2013 @ 20:51:12

    I’ve heard so many good things about the Origins Clear Improvements mask – still haven’t tried it though. Nice post and thanks for sharing:)


  2. B.
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 12:48:12

    Oooh I need more masks in my life. I’ll have to try that Origins stuff out. And the almost lipstick because I hate gloss because it’s too glossy like you said and I don’t like lipstick because it’s always “too much” on me (at least I think).

    I love argan oil, but I’ve only ever used it for my hair. My hairstylist always tried to push it on me (and uses it each time) but I was skeptical considering I have oily hair already and I never seem to use things as well as hairstylists do. Eventually I just tried it by putting a tiny bit in my wet hair after wash/before blow dry. It’s awesome and smells good and makes my hair just-got-it-done shiny, not hair-full-of-oil shiny. I’ve even gotten more bold by putting a tiny amount in after I’ve styled! I do want to try it on my skin though just to see what the fuss is about…


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