Gladiator in a Suit


Hi. My name is wifemothereventplanner. And it’s been 7 days since I’ve written a post.

I’ve been distracted. Diverted. Absorbed. Engrossed.

Every minute that I’m not working or mothering or wife’ing has gone to one thing. One singular obsession (different from all my other obsessions).


I blame Netflix. I blame my sister-in-law and all my gal pals for pushing the show like crack. I blame all the articles I’ve been trying to ignore about how great the show is.  I thought I could ignore it. After all – I’m the only girl in the Northern Hemisphere who still hasn’t watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  My idea of McDreamy is Don Draper or Walter White (name those shows).

A few weeks ago I found myself with an entire Sunday afternoon with nothing to clean, cook or buy and in a half trance I did it. I started the series. Episode after episode, I binged. Hard.

Ok. Everyone was right. It’s delicious. Just enough story line to keep up with the bedroom shots. It’s really fun. All the women on the show are written quirky and smart and perfectly balanced between batshit crazy and funny – just how I like it. A powerful black woman sleeping with the President while legally and illegally protecting her client’s reputations? Sign me up.

Watching a whole series at once is something I usually do with my husband – but I convinced him that this show wouldn’t be his thing. He should just leave me alone to watch the whole thing. Now.

I’m all caught up on Season 1 but it isn’t enough. I may have to buy Season 2, even though it’ll eventually air for free – but that would mean waiting. WAITING. Seriously? That’s for the birds. I need my fix now.

Like any good junkie, I’ll keep trying to act normal and pretend I’m not thinking about Olivia Pope or the hot President or how wickedly good the First Lady is.  I’ll just go on with my day. Like a normal person. Nothing to see here folks. Just killing time until my next hit.




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy
    Apr 13, 2013 @ 11:53:42

    I take your word for it because we have the same warped mind… and I’m sure any show where any powerful woman is doing the commander in cheif (and not the first lady….is a winner in my book…..but when you mentioned Walter White …. my body “chemistry” changed ….. I AM HOOKED ON HEISENBERG…. so much I want to buy a small trailer…go off into the desert… and …. oh…where was I?


  2. Marsha
    Apr 13, 2013 @ 16:30:41

    OMG! I tried very hard not to take on any new shows last year abd this year but i caved. Just watched the first 2 episodes of season 1 and I completely understand the hype! It is so good… One of my friends just finished season 1 and couldn’t wait for season 2 to come out so she signed up for Hulu plus to watch! Lol


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