It’s time for bed

I’m so tired.

Wanna know how tired I am?

10 minutes ago an Xfinity sales person came a knockin’ on our door.

Before I even had the thing opened all the way he started talking.

Did I know my neighbor just saved thousands of dollars – no millions of dollars. Don’t I like to save money? What’s my package like? Doesn’t my family deserve more? Aren’t I a good person? What’s my favorite thing to do – watch TV right? (that freaked me out. how did he know?)

We had Wizard of Oz type of wind last night and most of today, and now the temperatures have dropped. It’s like 4 degrees out there. Or less. It’s frigid.

And I’m barefoot. I’ve opened the door to this fast talking man who is completely dressed for the weather. Xfinity must treat him right. Parka. Scarf. Gloves. The whole deal.

So I try to be polite and say,”oh…no thank you. We’re good.” And he keeps talking. “We aren’t going to switch”, I say.  He’s talking even faster now. “You must be freezing, you should go back to your car”, I say. No dice.

I had no choice. I had to just start shutting the door. As I was closing it in his face, I warmly said,”I’m so sorry, thanks so much, have a good night, love you”.

“love you”.


It’s time for bed.

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  1. Squirrel Circus
    Feb 07, 2013 @ 13:23:38

    “Like” isn’t enough. I LOVE this post. I, too have launched the totally inappropriate “love you” sign-off. Usually with a male co-worker. Oops! I attribute the habit to tucking the boys in at night….for the 100th time. “Okay, get some sleep (for the love of all that is holy!). Love you!”


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