Tea Party

Most of my weekend was spent in like this…

On Sunday I was lured out to the mall with the fam. The boys went in search of….something. Not pertinent. And my daughter and I found our way to Teavana. Actually she pushed us that way. My girl loves a spot of tea. She takes it black with a little sweetness incase you’re wondering. She’s obsessed with this place. Have you been? It’s like a faux zen garden. Lots of confused Asian imagery everywhere. Is it Chinese? Is it Indian? In the end, at $16 an ounce, it doesn’t matter.
Don’t get me wrong. I come from a tea family. Chai was a regular word in our house long before Starbucks took it over. It means tea. Which is why I smile whenever I see a menu with Chai tea. I usually go for the coffee coffee.
So we went and she picked her favorite. The oolong maharaja (see what I mean?).
Here’s how you but it – not bagged.

Then you steep in hot water and let it sit for a few minutes while you think about the incredible mark-up…kidding!


Strain, add a bit of sweetness and done!

It made the whole house smell amazing and my girl was happy. Totally worth the money.

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  1. DeeDee
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 14:10:43

    Must tell you why I think Kera is an avid fan of tea.
    When my little Kera would stay over with me, I guess when she was about 3, 4 or 5 years old, I always made a point to bring out my very dainty, antique and expensive tea set to show Kera the art of drinking tea.
    No lie,each day…I would pretend to her that I invited her over to my house for tea.
    I would say, “sugar? milk?” and she would respond “a little please”.
    I would demonstrate how a proper lady would hold her hand while sipping the tea. Kera, always keep your little pinky finger elevated whilst you hold your cup. She would reply, “Like this”? and I would say, “Exactly”.
    Of course the special tea would be accompanied by Social Tea Crackers and she would dunk each cracker… very daintily mind you..
    I told her “dunking” was allowed because only Social Tea Crackers were made to be
    dunked in our special tea.
    I’m sure today she doesn’t remember a thing about our special teas…but I will almost bet that when she was a wee bit of a thing way back then…the seed was planted, “I Have No Doubt”.


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