Short but Sweet

Oh Sandy.

Right now, at this minute, we are supposed to be tucked away in Vermont. But instead we’re home, having cut our trip short. Doesn’t everyone drive 6 1/2 hours each way for a day and a half? I’m not bitter. It was a great little visit full of food and family and fun.

The East Coast of the country is a flutter – the perfect storm, a hybrid Frankenstorm is on its way! Save yourselves!

I’m not making light of it. I hope everyone is safe and sound.

So we headed home and bought a ton of crap and some booze to get us through. Isn’t that really what storm preparedness is all about?

Here’s some quick shots of our weekend.

All good times start with my munchkins -here they are on the farm.  We missed the foliage by about 2 weeks – typical.

So during that short time, we went on a cheese tasting and a maple syrup tasting. We were busy.  I liked the lightest and darkest versions of the syrup. All or nothing for me baby.

Cheese wise I’m not picky – except for anything “smoked” which is the devil.


And because I’m making a conscious effort to “stay in the picture” (read Allison Tate’s post on The Huffington Post called,”The Mom Stays in the Picture”).  Here’s me with my husband’s gorgeous cousin. She’s the hot blond on the right. That’s her hubby getting personal with a horse on the farm.


We went to Quechee Gorge which was really cool and funky. It also reminded me of what a chicken shit I am about heights, large falls, falling to my death, etc.

Here’s my girl and my sister-in-law – this is one of 40 photos I took titled “Gorge Glam”.  What?

As I posted this I noticed that my girl is a wee bit taller than her god mother! Then I cried about how fast time goes by and about how my sister-in-law was just holding her swaddled up in a rocking chair. Yesterday. Anyway. I digress.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Squirrel Circus
    Oct 31, 2012 @ 10:04:26

    I may need to know some more about your obvious aversion to smoked cheese. I love me a nice wedge of smoked Gouda. Please explain.


    • wifemothereventplanner
      Oct 31, 2012 @ 10:37:19

      I love a good Gouda. Ok – let me explain my “smoked” aversion. I’ve been a veggie all my life, thanks to an old school Indian upbringing. So I’ve literally never had a piece of fish, fowl or meat. Although I make it all the time for my fam (I think I’ve written about my ziploc bag gloves used to cook etc). I know how meat smells – not tastes – and anything smoked reminds me of the MEAT smell. Am I nuts? Yes. Ofcourse. But this is what goes on in my head at night. That and how many ounces of chicken stock disguised in rice, soup, etc. I’ve eaten by mistake.


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