While the cat’s away…

My sister and my parents watched my babies while we went on our European adventure.

We knew to expect the usual. We expected my daughter to go phone crazy. We knew our boy would ignore all bedtimes. There would be no “chores” – I put that in quotes because they hardly exist when we’re around.

We knew they’d get away with a certain amount of stuff, and you know what, that was fine.

We should have known better.

Our girl is not the real issue. Yes there’s ridiculous amounts of social media consumption – but whatever. The boy. He needs to be watched. All the time. 24/7.

A few years ago we left them with my parents for a weekend.  When we came back my mother told me about what a great host my son was. As soon as we left, he took them (my very traditional, old-fashioned Indian parents), on a tour of all the alcohol at our house. “Here’s the beer, here’s the wine…” etc.

There was another time when a good friend of mine called the house and he answered and told her that my husband and I were in the other room having an argument. Awesome.

So we should have known better.

Quick back ground: a couple of years ago my car was stolen. It was traumatic, scary, etc. but we got over it.  We decided not to tell my already paranoid mother and instead told her that I got a new car. End of story.

Guess what bedtime tale he told her, in gory detail, while we were away?


I asked him why he felt the need to talk about that and he said,”I was bored.”


I would be angry if he wasn’t so darn cute.


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  1. Colleen Kowal
    Oct 12, 2012 @ 18:55:22

    Lol…that’s your boy!


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