Camp, Closure

The kids have been home from camp enjoying the air conditioning.  They are full of camp songs, camp stories and camp bug bites.

Here’s how the pick-up went for my son:

He leapt to his feet, ran toward me and covered me with hugs and kisses.  He told me he missed me SO much and he was SO happy to see me. He may have said stuff to my husband but I couldn’t hear it.   He led us to his cabin to get all his stuff. I couldn’t take a picture of what I found there – I thought the counselors would be insulted. It was a hellhole. Smelly, sandy, clothes and half eaten bags of food everywhere.  It was like 8 boys had lived in a small, cramped space with no female intervention for 2 weeks. All his things would later be fumagated or burned.

I asked him to describe camp to me in 3 words, he said: Awesome, Fun, and Adventure.

Here’s the cabin – outside, it looks clean and welcoming. Inside, it was a disease factory. Too harsh?

Here’s his crew – not all these boys fit into his cabin – even though it smelled and felt like they did.   Look at all the cute, unwashed faces! My dirty birdy is sitting in the front, wearing a Ghostbuster’s tee.  I imagine all the counselors thinking,”yep, your kid didn’t brush his teeth once during the 2 weeks he was here!”.

Next we headed over to pick-up his sister.  Because his welcome was so gushy and mushy – hers was a shock to our system. I think my husband is scarred.

She was in a huddle with all the girls, crying, weeping, dare I say – wailing. “We’ve been through so much!” “I love you! I love you!” “Please keep in touch with me hourly!”.  It was so touching.  As a former teen girl myself, I was not phased at all.  This is all normal stuff.  Infact, this is how we left Block Island after my girls weekend a few weeks ago, “I don’t wanna go home!!!”.

Her daddy was like a deer in headlights. He didn’t know where to look or what to do. It was hysterical!  On the way home she told us that she can’t wait to go back  – and oh, by the way, there’s a winter session she’d like to do. Oh boy.

Her 3 words to describe her time: Challenging, Fun and Memorable.

Here’s a picture of her forever friends.  Note – her duffle bag and things were basically immaculate. It was like a before/after comparison with her brother’s stuff. Typical. That’s her with the sweatpants…oh, they all have sweatpants. That’s her with the tshirt….ugh. Ok – I know. She’s the one with the silly face on. Also typical.

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  1. colleen kowal
    Aug 03, 2012 @ 11:28:04

    I’m so happy they both had a good time. I loved camp. All those memories they made will stay with them a long time. Despite the separation anxiety I think the overall camp experience was a success and a good investment. It was good all around.


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