I’ve sent a few care packages this week – sniff sniff…

But the other day, I got a care package of my own.  One of my BFFs sent me a box full of treats and I think you all need to know about it.  I wish blogs were scratch and sniff so you could experience these little babies for yourself.  They are amazing.

Candles from Fifth&Madison. I first found them at the Bryant Park Holiday fair in NYC.  We walked by the little tent selling them and literally stopped in our tracks – it smelled like heaven.  Heaven made of juniper, jasmine and grapefruit.


Yankee Candle eat your heart out. Actually I’m not a fan of Yankee Candle – does that make me less patriotic?  Would it help if I said I also dislike 98.5% of the scented candles out there.  Most are too strong. Too fake. Too smelly.

These make me feel fancy, like I’m in glamorous hotel lobby when I light them.  A glamorous hotel lobby littered with shoes, Wii remotes and to-go coffee cups. Whatever.

Just go out and buy them. Do it. You’ll be happy. You’ll be fancy.


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