All work and no play…

Have you seen The Shining? Do you love it like we love it? A family snowbound in a haunted hotel with ensuing madness…what’s there not to love. The only other movie that we quote more lines from is Jaws (I won’t tell you about the reenacting that happens whenever we get to a beach – let’s just say it’s not exactly family fare but it’s hysterical).

Anyway – one of my husband’s very good friends has taken his hobby/passion for photography and turned it something fantastic.  He runs a photography site called   He does amazing, beautiful work.  He also has a wicked sense of humor.

Do you remember the photograph at the end of The Shining? The one that shows Jack at the Overlook hotel in the 20’s – confirming that he’s as messed up as we all thought he was.  It’s a cool pic.

Look what our photog did for us….that’s my husband with the creepy face in the front – and me leaning ever-so-delicately over his shoulder.

I smell Christmas card! The kids wanted to be in the pic too – maybe next time – when we do a scene from Children of the Corn.  

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