The most UNvegetarian restaurant in NYC

So we are on a mini holiday. Taking a few days to do some fun things locally – no passport needed.

Yesterday we took the kids into the city to see a show and catch an early dinner.  For years we’ve walked by, driven by, ran by,  a barbecue joint near Times Square called Virgil’s.  Last night we decided to give it a shot.   I knew what I was walking into – I was ready for a dinner of hush puppies and house salad.

Even the veggie looking things on the menu were laced with meat – as I suspected.  Southern food and Thai food – it’s like a minefield for a vegetarian. The mac and cheese? Made with chicken stock.  The pecan rice? Made with a ham hock.  The biscuits? You guessed it, lard! Yum.

It was fine – I didn’t waste away and they all loved it.

I forgot to take pictures of the plates of prehistoric food that came to the table – and they wouldn’t let me take a picture of them eating (oh it was a sight.  we should have gotten ponchos when we walked in).

I did sneak in a shot of my husband’s hands – utensils are strictly optional at this joint.  I’m not sure what he’s eating in this shot – I know that pulled pork, bbq’d chicken and Memphis style ribs were ordered.

So you don’t think I was sitting in a corner sucking on a piece of lettuce – we also ordered this monstrosity.  It’s called Memphis Dirty Fries.   We need to send Memphis some salad, asap.

I had to ask for them to leave out the chili, bacon and side of gravy (oh yeah).

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