Views from a hotel room

I made it to San Francisco – part one of the California trek is underway. We have an event tonight and then it’s an early flight to L.A. on Thursday – then another event that night – followed by a redeye that gets me home by Friday morning!

With all the delays I didn’t check into the hotel last night until 11:30pm PST. But because I like to keep on EST when traveling… I was wide awake by 3:15am PST (my usual). I ordered some breakfast to kill time. Here’s how the room service convo went:

Me: hi there – can I order some room service please?

Dude: Ofcourse, unfortunately we are only serving from the late night menu I’m afraid – the dinner service is over.

Me: no problem at all, because I’d like breakfast! Coffee and rye toast.

Dude: (……long pause…..)oh yes, not a problem.

Bless his heart and mine.

Anyway- in the tradition of things I won’t be able to enjoy while I’m here see picture below…


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