Nana Nana Boom Boom

This is my husband’s beloved Nana.  She passed a few years back but he talks about her all the time.  She was one of the first family members that I met (besides his sister, who was there from the beginning- holla!).

There are a lot of  Nana stories that my husband and I share with our kids. Her Easter dinner. The many many summers he and his sister spent with Nana in New Jersey.  The Ukrainian heritage she shared proudly and loudly with anyone who came in contact with her.

I loved Nana too.  She reminded me of my grandparents.  Stoic and strong, completely living for her family.

I was a little bit of a mystery to her.

I didn’t eat meat (not even Ham!), I was….you know….brown.  Plus my boy had never brought a gal pal home to her before.    But she made me feel so welcome and loved – from the minute I met her.

My favorite Nana story:  She loved having us over for the night. She’d cook up a storm – I’d eat some rye bread.  It was fantastic.  Then we’d watch a little basic cable and get ready for bed.  Because Nana, like her apartment, was old school, I slept with her in her bed.  Her grandson slept on the coach in the living room. To make me feel comfortable, and completely at home – she would always say the same thing,” if you need to make boom, you make boom.”  At first I was embarrassed.  I’m not good with “boom” stuff.  I’ve never liked “boom” humor, or “boom” references.  But then I realized it was just Nana.  She just wanted me to enjoy my time there, making “boom” or not.

Side note:  Sorry about the blurry pic, but please note my jazzy dragon earrings and roll neck sweater.  You can’t see it clearly, but I was also wearing a Cancer crab ring.  I was like a J.Crew-biker chick combo.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. coffeepoweredmom
    May 23, 2012 @ 23:25:23

    Amazing! I love this.


  2. Colleen
    May 24, 2012 @ 01:07:43

    Omg, you crack me up…thank you so much for the laugh…I love you for understsnding how Nana was…and tolerating our crazy family…your the best sister to me, a beautiful wife for my brother and an amazing mother to my beautiful neice and nephew. All I can say is those were some Good Times at Nana’s! LOL…good times. xoxo


  3. KEVIN
    May 25, 2012 @ 06:29:00

    Remember her awesome Perogies…RIP, Nana!


  4. Joe
    May 25, 2012 @ 18:01:41

    Your so sweet to remember Nanna the way you describe her brings tears to my eyes,she was such a sweet lady,I miss her very much. Thank you for the memories, I see her in my mind right now and I think about all the wonderfull times we had. My mom really thought very highly of you, she thought how good your were for J and how romantic it was when you told her about how your parents came to visit you at college when you were graduating and you and J were just starting to see each other, Nanna thought that was really cute. She smiled when you told her you liked her pirogies, even though you wouldn’t eat ham or keilbassie, she got a real kick out of that. I know she was very comfortable when we all got together, she laughed and smiled a lot, that was hard for to do sometimes for her but her eyes would lite up when we would all get together. Precious moments.


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