Mad Men Minutes….

For those of you that don’t watch – what’s wrong with you?  Please. For the love of all witty sarcastic things, go watch!

I finally caught up with the new episode.  In my next life I’d like to be Don Draper’s cigarette – just kiddin’- not really – i’m dead serious.

Here’s my 2 cents:

  • I cannot take Don and Megan’s apartment – it’s painfully cool and beautiful. I’m distracted by it.  As that gal called it,”the throne on 73rd and Park.”  Even with the deadly smog outside it steals every scene.
  • Betty.  Can we please give January Jones an Emmy for every scene where she eats a bite of food and then swoons.  Nothing says cracked armour like a mouth full of whipped cream straight from the fridge.
  • Sally.  Wicked and smart.  Wicked smart.  I’m ready for the Sally spin-off show now please.
  • Ginsberg oh Ginsberg.  Whether its selling Manischewitz wine or being stepped on by Don – the man has a way with me.  Loved his devastated look in the elevator when Don left him for dead with the,”I don’t think about you at all.”
  • I will now have a folder at work called – Shit I need to do.
  • Don’s back.  He’s been smiling a lot lately – it made me uncomfortable.  I like this Don.  Actually I like any Don.
  • Does anyone else think the gap in Megan’s front tooth is getting bigger?  no? Just trying to make myself feel better.
  • Why do they always play the Roger car commercial during the show – must we be hit in the head with his cool dark glasses from all decades?
  • Another favorite Roger moment,” How Jewish are they? Fiddler on the Roof, audience or cast?”  Nobody’s a cuter racist than that man.
  • Also – can Pete Campbell please stop having unclean thoughts about Rory Gilmore? Where’s Luke when you need him (bonus points for those who know what I’m talking about).

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