An Opinion is worth 80 IQ Points – Alan Kay

Alan Kay is a visionary – a genius some would say.  You should google him.  He wasn’t talking about event planning when he wrote the quote – but  it works.  Although, I can relate things that Buddha and Oprah have said back to event planning too, just so you know.

To be a good planner, you have to put yourself out there.  You cannot go-with-the-flow.  You need to figure out what the choices are and then either know which direction is best for the situation – or take a gamble and go with your gut.

There is no such thing as a passive, indifferent planner.  Do you have to be neurotic and Type A? Nope – but it helps.  You know that JLo movie with that greasy Matthew McConnaheyhey?  That was a terrible movie, although if it’s on tv I’m compelled to watch it.  Anyway – the scenes with her running around like a looney with a headset?  Bogus.  Unless you are in a seriously stressful situation (there is no bride for the groom to wed, hurricanes, etc.) – calm yourself down.

Back to the quote….if you think events are the thing for you  – test yourself.  When you are with a group of people deciding what to order for dinner, what movie to see, what president to vote on – do you speak?  Are you compelled to let your thoughts out?  If the answer is no – congrats.  You are a polite, normal citizen of the world.  But if your answer is yes, and you’ve already researched the restaurant, read movie reviews and have no problem defending your choices – welcome to the insanity.

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  1. The Recipe Calls for Salt & Limes
    May 01, 2012 @ 01:13:16

    So so true but I’d go even further – the very best planners? The insanely bossy ones who NEVER take no for an answer because “everything is possible”. I know one planner who invaded the sacrosanct privacy of a man’s hotel room, (despite all common sense, decency and quite possibly, the laws of Texas) in order to physically rouse him from a deep sleep to speak at her event. Now THAT is an event planner worth her salt.


  2. Anto
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 11:03:20

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