Cookbook Obsession

I love cookbooks, I read them like novels.  Sometimes I even cook from them.  Here’s a few of my favorites.

Just thought you should know.

Oh Captain My Captain

  This is a photo of my sister – 29 years ago.  She looks different now – although that perturbed look she had when she was born hasn’t really gone away.  She looks pissed right?  Anyway, she’s a Professor,  a teacher of wisdom at the college level, our very own John Keating (anyone? anyone?).  Smart, sassy, independent, and mildly delusional – as one would have to be to get in front of a bunch of Freshman in the morning.

I think if I sat in her class  I’d giggle the whole time.  I know she’s an amazing teacher….but that face in the picture, that’s who I would see up there. Plus she just cracks me up.

A few years back we were sitting at the table with my dad, talking about her new job or my new job or something.  He casually turned to me and said,” I’m not surprised, she’s the smart one and you have the personality.” Hand to God.

I see the Professor objecting to this story, but she knows it happened.  That kind of compliment/insult double whammy comes out of my dad all the time.  It’s why we love him.