Bridezillas? Not so much

When my son was born, I took a break from the corporate event world and planned weddings for 3 years.  I had a blast.  In my head I was Colin Cowie or Preston Bailey – in reality I was probably just a short, Indian bossy girl running around in black, but whatever.

I’ve done small, inexpensive gatherings and large scale multi-day marriages that have reached the half million dollar mark.  I’ve done gothic weddings where the bridal party wore metal chains (the bride wore military boots) and traditional weddings with a 2-hour mass prior to the vows.  Not one of these gals – not one – was difficult.  I’m not sure where they find those women on that show with that name but I think it’s all bogus.

I loved planning weddings, still do.  But I love going to weddings too.  I’m a pretty glass half-full kinda gal – always have been.  But weddings are the ultimate optimistic venture.  A full day devoted to the hope that these two people were meant to be together.  We know the reality, we know a ton of marriages won’t make it.  It’s one of the only “suspension of disbelief” ceremonies we still have.  We go.  We cry.  We laugh.  We eat cake.  We buy in.

Those gals on bridezillas?  Those are bitchy women who got married. The wedding had nothing to do with it.  I bet they are also wifezillas, sisterzillas, friendzillas, etc.

I feel protective of that day and all those who are brave enough to take the gamble.

Full disclosure – I eloped on a lake in East Hampton.  But we can talk about that some other time.

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