Nosey nosey nosey

I’m writing a blog – a post – a very long status update if you will….why?  Who cares?  I don’t know!!  Maybe it’s because I love reading blogs, maybe it’s because I am turning 40 and I feel the need to be heard, maybe because I have a lot to say.  Or maybe it’s because I hope that other people are as nosey as I am.  And I am very nosey. I like to know things, lots of things, I can’t help myself. So – I will try to write everyday.  I hope to hear back from the dark void that this will go into.  Be patient with me, I’m new to all this.  Tell me if I’m boring or silly or…(actually don’t tell me that, I’d be sad)  So be nosey with me – it’ll make me feel better about myself.  

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  1. Christine j
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 01:20:57

    Happy to hear you will be sharing some stuff. Trying to offer some of my own stuff, if you’d like to hear it. My new interest lately is nutrition. I attended a lecture given by nutritionist/doctor. He’s a couple quick things I took away:
    – bacon is the absolute worst food on market. It should be panned
    – extra virgin olive oil is best fat/oil to use
    – water, water, water is crucial everyday (you should drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day. So a 140lb person should drink about 8-9 glasses a day)
    – quinoa, oatmeal, dark chocolate are super foods
    -antioxidants are key because they allow the cells to repair themselves from the damage eating bad food causes
    – dinner plates purchased by Americans are far too big to use for a meal. A salad plate instead should be used. That is the amount of food we should be eating every meal.
    -red meat in moderation,2servings per week. Grilling is best but only effective when grills clean. Meat left on grills produces carcinogens which is soooo bad for you.

    Hope you like my newfound info on food. I’ll send along the nosey stuff later.


  2. thatfunnyblogguy
    Aug 12, 2013 @ 12:15:09

    My latest hobby– clicking back to the beginning. Interesting start… more silly than boring.


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